How To Use Law Firm Digital Marketing To Attract New Clients.

New to law firm digital marketing? Leverage online presence to interact with and attract clients, generate leads, and build a brand for your law firm.
Attracting clients with law firm marketing

More than 60% of all businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets in the previous year. 72% of most of these companies’ marketing budgets go directly to digital marketing alone. 

So, why the shift in budgeting? 

It must be because the digital world has evolved, and law firm digital marketing has evolved as well. It has made us change our behavior and demand instantaneous results, and in order to get in front of the right consumers, you have to know the importance of your brand being available online. 

Law firm marketing is no different. People search online for businesses that can solve their problems, that’s how the entire process starts. How can you use digital marketing to interact with and attract new clients? Keep reading to find out how. 

What Exactly Does Law Firm Digital Marketing Cover? 

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the use of the internet and online communication to promote brands and connect with potential customers. This includes everything you can possibly think of starting with email, social media platforms, and the use of profiles, blog writing, website content, video adverts, and more. 

Law firm digital marketing is digital marketing, but is also vastly different from marketing in other industries, say a car dealership or a flower shop, or a dental practice. Law firm clients may be searching in a reactionary fashion, quickly looking for someone to help guide them with what to do after a car accident, or perhaps their wife of 20 years has served them with divorce papers. These types of clients are looking for assistance quickly and looking for the best possible firm to help them.

This puts law firms in a unique position: many people looking for a firm usually have high intent as they are experiencing a major life shift. This means that engaging in law firm digital marketing puts your firm in the best possible position to capture clients who have intention to take on their legal challenges.  

Start With a Strategy And Then a Plan 

The foundation for any marketing strategy is always the research upon which you base your tactical plan. As a law firm, you would have a niche industry that you operate within which helps you to narrow down who your ideal target audience is for your digital marketing. 

All your law firm marketing tactics should be based on the audience’s personas. Once you have a solid, well-thought-out foundation then you can move on to the next stage. 

Stage two is creating a marketing plan to establish your goals and how you will achieve them is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for lawyers.

Your marketing strategy should be completely comprehensive. It needs to include everything from paid ads,  to how to achieve organic growth, a backlinking strategy, social media marketing plans, and advertising. You should also include possible listing on industry-related websites that can refer people your way, these can either be paid or free. 

Your Website Is Key 

Make sure your website is relevant, and the content and the design should be updated regularly so that it stays up to date. All of your practice areas should be listed, especially any that you want to grow. Marketing for law firms is frequently based on their target demographic of clients and their ability to rank first for the type of legal services that they provide.

Create separate website pages and marketing landing pages for each legal practice area you provide on your website. A marketing firm or expert can assist you in determining how to use digital marketing to attract new clients based on a better website design.

It’s a good idea to show clients examples of the types of cases you represent or the services you provide in detail. The idea here is that your website is an accurate representation of what you can do for your clients without boring them with information overload. 

SEO Is The Foundation Of Law Firm Digital Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization is the second step to ensuring that your website operates at a high level for lead generation. 

Let’s face it, the ultimate goal of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website and in turn, generate qualified leads for your law firm. 

SEO can help you do this by basing your keyword research on the solid foundation of your audience personas. What are they searching for? What can your website offer them to help answer their questions? 

There are four things you’ll want your law firm SEO to focus on:

  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Local SEO

If you can dedicate a decent amount of resources to each of these pillars then your SEO efforts will definitely show positive results. 

The Power of Social Media 

Although social media marketing isn’t considered particularly valuable in the legal field, it can help you build trust, earn reviews, and attract clients. Lawyers can use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to boost their brand awareness.

Every social media platform has its own benefits as well as various strategies for business users. Determining what works best for your target audience can take some time, so be sure to keep your mind open for some trial and error marketing. Some brands, for example, benefit from Facebook posts or live videos, while others may benefit from YouTube videos or LinkedIn articles.

To improve your law firm’s online presence, try to engage on at least one social platform. Choose a platform where you know that your target market can be found and one that allows you to earn client reviews so that you can gradually gain trust from your new followers.

Law Firm Digital Marketing Is Generally Location-Based 

Because people search for lawyers based on their function and location, local search campaigns and targeted campaigns are typically the most effective at increasing client leads and conversions.

A law firm digital marketing agency can assist you in developing local ad campaigns that target specific clients, such as those in a specific demographic or at a certain income level without spending a fortune. With individual campaigns, you can target nearby cities and create multiple ad groups for each type of legal service you offer.

Be Dynamic With Your Law Firm Digital Marketing 

Law firm digital marketing cannot be described as one style of marketing where all the tactics fit into a very specific box. Every law firm is unique in its own ways whether that be through location or services or branding. 

Digital marketing is your way to leverage what sets your law firm apart from others through a series of tactical elements. But be realistic with your expectations, often results can take a while to show, sometimes even months. 

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