Social Media for Lawyers

Unleash the power of social media to build a better brand for your law firm.

A great branding play for every law firm. Social media serves to not only validate your firm, but also attract people who don’t know you exist.

4 out of 5 law firms are active on social media. Is yours?

Lawyers who want to promote their firms online should be paying attention to social media, which is used by more than half of all people around the world. With 90% of marketers saying that social media has increased the exposure of their business and 75% saying it has increased traffic, you don’t want to miss out on the power that social media can have for your law firm.

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Perhaps you've said this before?

“I really don’t know how to build my brand other than word of mouth referrals. I wish there was another way.”

“I’m on social media, but I definitely don’t use it to it’s fullest extent. What else should I be doing?”

“Maybe I should hire a social media manager for my firm. I’m overwhelmed by it and just don’t have the time.”

“My legal intern is handling my social media, but I have no idea if it’s proving fruitful. I wish there was a way to know.”

It's time to use social media to promote you're law firm. The cases are out there.

Social media offers multiple ways to engage with your audience online. In addition to organic social media marketing, you also have the option of using the paid advertising options offered by different social media platforms. Solo practitioners and small firms can often find it difficult to stay on top of marketing and might not prioritize social media marketing. However, when you work with the right marketing agency, you can ensure you capture your audience through social media.

upFirm works with law firms to help them market their businesses through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are three of the biggest social media platforms, which are particularly suited to attorneys and their firms. There are many social media options with different purposes and choosing the one most suited to your brand is essential. You need to pick a social media that your audience is most likely to use. With the popularity and diverse user base of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they are excellent choices for your legal firm.

Social media allows you to interact with and engage your audience in multiple ways.

How can social media work for my firm?

Promote your custom blog posts

Promote and boost your custom written blog posts to your ideal target audience. All of our law firm marketing packages, our law firm websites and content packages include valuable, custom written articles which are ready to represent your brand and connect with your prime clients.

Promote your firm videos & animated content

The animated video content we create with you through our social media packages as well as the produced firm videos through our lawyer marketing videos all work to resonate with your target client. Did you know that people absorb 95% of the messaging displayed in a video? We promote and boost your video content amongst your target clients to drive them to your website.

The benefits of social media for lawyers

Social media marketing provides a range of great benefits for attorneys and their firms. Four out of five lawyers say that their firms are using social media, so if you’re not already making the most of social media marketing, it’s time to start.

Social media can help you to build brand recognition and become an authority in your field. Potential clients will usually search for a law firm online before they decide to hire them. If they can see through your social media and the content that you share that you are a voice of authority, they’re more likely to take the next steps. A strong online presence is important, and being on social media is a key part of that.

Using social media for marketing is also a great way to generate more leads. You can reach more people who are looking for legal services in your area through both organic social media marketing and the paid advertising options that are available. When your social media pages and posts are optimized to engage your audience, they can help to generate leads directly on social media and drive people to your website too.

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your law firm at a lower cost. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to some other marketing options, especially as organic social media doesn’t technically cost anything. Of course, it’s worth paying for expert help with social media marketing if you want to get it right, but it will still save your firm money and help you stick to a marketing budget.

"Social media is an essential part of any well rounded law firm marketing strategy."

Typically promoted content receives anywhere from 2,500-5,000 total views, and usually results in around 20-40 visits to your site. Depending on the promotion plan you choose this can occur on multiple times monthly. That’s a lot of eyes! 

We write and create all content on your behalf. Each piece of content, whether it be a blog post, animated video or firm video, everything is created custom. Additionally we post the content to your social media pages of choice, create all ad copy, define audience criteria, schedule the promotion, analyze the results and manage the campaign in an ongoing fashion.

All call traffic will be funneled through our lead platform, so you never have to wonder if you’re getting traffic from this strategy.

No way! Remember, social media is just one small piece of the branding pie. Social media serves as a fantastic branding platform, a great validation tool to your potential clients and, most importantly, will absolutely put the firm in front of your best clients. But, other avenues like law firm SEO and PPC for lawyers connect you with the right clients when they are in a “buying phase.” Meaning they are ready to find a firm to help them with their legal challenges. 

As we’ve said before, all of these strategies work best when working together. The best plan would be to inquire about our law firm marketing packages. All encompassing strategies that are comprised of all of our individual strategies. 

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