How To Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO and Bring in Clients

What is SEO for law firms and how can you use it to attract more clients? Discover the best practices for optimizing a law firm's website for search engines.
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Tips on Best Practices for SEO for Law Firms

People and businesses throughout the United States spend more than $52 billion on internet marketing consultants and SEO consultants every year! To fill this demand, the industry employs more than 276,000 people!

As big as this industry is, don’t be surprised if it gets even bigger in the near future. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated a trend that had already been consistent for many years. Consumers went online in droves during the pandemic, and businesses followed them.

These days, it is getting harder and harder to grow a business without a powerful online presence. SEO for law firms is perhaps the number one biggest way to establish an effective online presence. So what exactly can you do to improve your search engine rankings?

Read on to learn all about the most important tips to follow to help your law firm with its search engine optimization!

Quality SEO Companies for Law Firms Focus On Local Results

Some law firms already invest a certain amount in search engine optimization. However, if you are not working with an SEO agency for law firms, you might be making certain common mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes that people make with lawyer SEO is focusing on general rankings. Some websites just want to be as popular as possible around the whole world. More attention is always better for them.

However, that generally does not apply to a law firm. Not only is it not helpful for a law firm to receive inquiries from around the world, but it can also actually take up their valuable time and interfere with them helping local clients.

Therefore, law firms need to focus completely on local search engine optimization instead of general search engine optimization. Make sure to include the names of your areas of service frequently so that the search engine algorithm knows where you are located.

You may also want to be careful to avoid using the names of other locations. The search engine algorithm might mistakenly conclude that it should show your content to people located in those other areas.

The Best SEO for Law Firms Takes Advantage of Online Reviews

Most people who know a little bit about search engine optimization focus a lot of effort on including the right words in their titles and text. However, that can sometimes be a mistake. There are few things as effective for your local search engine rankings as getting plenty of positive online reviews.

The more online reviews you have on a given platform, the more likely your page on that platform is to rank higher on search engine results. Online ratings without reviews are also helpful.

However, whenever possible, encourage your satisfied clients to write written reviews. They are even more effective for helping you rank higher on the Google search engine results.

SEO Services for Law Firms Can Help With Google My Business

These days, Google My Business is one of the best platforms to build your online presence on. When it comes to search engines, Google has the vast majority of the market. Even if you do not rank very highly on alternative search engines like Bing, ranking high on Google means that you will enjoy plenty of organic growth.

The Google company wants more and more people to use their Google My Business tool. As a result, they have designed it so that using that tool leads to excellent search engine optimization results.

To take advantage of this, make sure to build a strong page on Google My Business for your law firm. If you have customers who are willing to leave a review wherever you like, you might want to encourage them to leave it on Google My Business.

Consistently Publish New Content

The Google search engine algorithm is extremely complicated. However, one thing it does pay attention to is the consistency of newly published content.

If you publish ten articles today and zero articles for the next three months, you probably will not rank very high on Google. However, if you spread those ten articles out over the same three-month period., you are likely to rank reasonably well.

Try to never break your publishing schedule. The Google search engine algorithm places a premium on web pages that are as consistent as possible.

Provide Genuine Value for Your Audience

There are dozens of ways that failing to provide genuine value for your audience can lead to a bad search engine ranking. For example, if people leave one of your web pages too quickly, the algorithm will take that as a sign that your web page was not very valuable.

You can learn the dozens of ways to avoid triggering the algorithm to rank you lower. However, it is much simpler to simply focus on providing genuine value for your audience.

Answer the questions that your customers most often have. Help people understand when they do and don’t need your services. Providing genuine value will lead to customers interacting with your page in certain positive ways.

Their behavior will then trigger the Google search engine algorithm to provide you with better rankings.

Understand How to Develop Effective SEO for Law Firms 

We hope learning about how to develop effective SEO for law firms has been helpful for you. Many law firms have managed to succeed so far without establishing a strong online presence. However, since the coronavirus pandemic, law firms and other businesses have had to move online to compete.

The better your SEO optimization, the better your company growth is likely to be. To learn more about what effective SEO might be able to do for you, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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