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Falling victim to a personal injury can have devastating life effects. People search out the right law firm to handle their case. They’ll look for “best injury lawyers near me”, perhaps look on their social media page, maybe click on paid search ads. What’s our point? Your firm needs to be visible in every way possible. Our marketing packages for personal injury lawyers have you covered. 

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“I’m a much better injury attorney than these other guys… Why are they showing up in a search before me?”

“I’ve spent hundreds-of-thousands with these big box marketing firms and have NOTHING to show for it. I don’t think we’ve gotten one case!”

“I give our marketing team a lot of money every month. It doesn’t feel like a partnership. The only time they reach out is to try and upsell me. I deserve better.”

“I know the injury lawyer market is extremely competitive. I need a team that is actually going to dedicate time and energy to my success.”

It's time to dump the big-box marketing company and get a personal injury lawyer marketing team dedicated to your success.

If you are ready to start getting more lead generations, you will have to up your game with an effective personal injury lawyer marketing plan. We understand that putting together a successful marketing campaign and running personal injury lawyer ads can be quite confusing since it is hard to clarify which tactics will have a greater impact, how much of a budget you should use, and where to allocate your marketing budget.

The truth is, without a good marketing strategy, you are practically sending potential clients straight to your competitors who have already implemented a marketing structure. upFirm can help. We give you a social media presence, create a well-designed website using personal injury attorney organic SEO so Google will recognize it and send traffic your way, and much more. You will be among the well-trusted industry leaders and have prospective clients flooding your website.

Personal injury lawyer SEO delivers consistent cases

upFirm specializes in personal injury lawyer marketing, and SEO marketing for personal injury law firms is at the core of our success. In fact, we can help you compete with some of the biggest names in the industry using extremely competitive keywords and phrases. Our team always keeps up with Google’s best practices and ever changing algorithms to give you a competitive edge in your marketing campaign. The goal is to use SEO to get you on the first page of Google search results, but earning Google rankings does not come quick and personal injury lawyer marketing is a highly competitive area so it is important to start now.

Facebook marketing for law firms

Besides personal injury law firm SEO, Facebook is also a very powerful marketing tool as it is an effective way of marketing for your personal injury practice. By running ads on Facebook, you can target specific mass audiences by demographics, gender, age, job titles, job types, behaviors, interests, and more. We run efficient, smart campaigns to ensure you are getting a good return on investment (ROI).

Injury firms have clear return-on-investment that is obtainable. We know we drive fantastic leads, we depend on our injury law clients to calculate their return on investment. We’ll use this to make data-driven decisions as the campaigns move forward.

Not at all! When marketing is done right it’s relatively simple to compete with large firms. This is why a good marketing team is worth their salt. We find the ways for you to compete for lucrative keywords in even the most challenging of markets. 

The short answer is no. BUT (there is a but), website design and content absolutely impacts conversion success. This can be the difference between pulling down a killer catastrophic injury case or handing it over to a competitor.

Just know, if we’re recommending a new website, it’s important.

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“I expected these guys to be a regular marketers. What we got was way more.”

They listened carefully to our needs, learned about our firm, then implemented that into really sharp marketing strategy. They knew exactly how to position our SEO efforts so we were able to be out the competition within 6 months in New York City. I’d recommend to anyone trying to get new cases on-line.

Mitch O.

NYC Personal Injury solo practitioner

“As a newly formed firm it was important to hit the ground running. They made it happen.”

Right after kicking off our strategy our first client found us through their magic, called us and 2 hours later was officially a client of the firm.  I knew this would work but didn’t expect it to work that quickly!

Erik G.

Houston personal injury & business litigation firm

“We saw a huge Spike In New Cases Starting In The First 14 Days.”

They are great! We got started and they took their time to set us up for success the right way. They spent time with us, provided us real-time progress updates, and most importantly, within 14 days of their efforts going live we started signing up clients online. We’ve tried other teams in the past, these guys are the real deal.

Mark L.

Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm

"Personal injury lawyer marketing done right."

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