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Lawyer Marketing for New York Attorneys

The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. The Land of Opportunity. No matter what you call it, New York City is a place that welcomes people and businesses with many opportunities. Small law firms are no stranger to this as well.

Let’s share a story or two…

Yes, New York is an extremely competitive place for a small law firm to try and acquiring cases online, but the truth is, there is nearly limitless potential and it’s actually obtainable. You read that right. Let’s talk briefly about a client of ours, a Brooklyn personal injury firm. A solo lawyer came to us looking for help. He was doing 1 strategy, paid search ads, also known as PPC. He was spending thousands each month trying to capture more car accident cases. He was having no luck.

We put him on a starter package concept, as naturally he was a bit apprehensive due to his recent experiences. Within 14 days the car cases started showing up. Not just that, on a low budget he started signing 3-5 new injury cases per month. Not to mention he’s built a heafty referral base and has been cherry-picking exactly which cases he wants to handle and is referring out the additional cases. Now, he is preparing to hand his son a flourishing injury practice in the heart of Brooklyn. 

This story is repeatable here in New York City. And we’re excited to further sink our teeth into the marketing landscape for NYC based attorneys. 

Custom marketing solutions for small law firms.

Here at upFirm specialize in helping grow solo and small law firms through the use of digital marketing. What this means to you is that we know how to get the phone to ring. How we work this magic is usually through a multi-channel marketing approach, and somewhat of a “secret sauce” formula. To demystify this a bit, our strategies usually include the following:

Our most popular plans are our managed law firm marketing packages. Because in todays world legal consumers use every digital avenue to both look for the best law firm they can find, and also validate that law firm’s experience, our marketing packages include a steady mix of our marketing strategies.

The time is now.

Although there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for small law firms in New York, every day you wait to commit to growing your firm online is another day further from building the income and business you’ve always dreamed. 

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Many of our clients from different areas all throughout the United States. Although we do make an effort to travel throughout the country and see our clients, our New York clients are in the unique position to have us here in their neighborhood. Contact us today to schedule our visit to you! 

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