Lawyer Marketing Videos

Law firm marketing videos designed to better connect you with your ideal clients.

Did you know that people retain 95% of information received via video source, versus 10% in the form of text? Lawyer marketing videos for every budget and strategy.

A law firm's videos and photos can transform the way they are perceived.

That’s right. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken some great photos of your brand new office space, your beaming staff, or built brilliant videos that convey exactly why your firm is the right choice, then then time to renew your image is now.

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Face it. We've all been there.

“I really don’t even look like my photos anymore. But how do I keep a youthful vibe while updating my image?”

“My website is covered in stock photos. I want more personality in my site. It needs to portray who we are and why our clients work with us.”

“Videos are really expensive. I would love to have videos explaining every aspect of ‘why us’, but can I afford it?”

“I feel like we’re missing something. We have great photos that were taken recently, a few expert videos too, but I feel like we’re not making these assets work for us.”

Great imagery is important to the success of your digital marketing strategies.

Updating your firm photos, headshots and video adds another level of complexity and style to your brand. Video alone can increase legal consumer comprehension rates of nearly 10x over written text. We also know that legal consumers are looking for a professional law firm to handle their challenges. They look for firm’s who have experience and history, and imagery helps them connect with you on a more personal level. Not to mention, a great photo or video can resonate with your clients in ways you’ve never imagined. 

Our team of professional photographers and vidographers focus solely on small law firm videos, team photos and attorney headshots. We know exactly how to give you that premium image your firm deserves. 

What types of content do we create?

Law firm videos & explainer videos

No matter what your vision for your firm, we have you covered. Whether it be educational videos, fun creative content, social media videos or animated explainer vides of quick 30-second legal scenarios, we know how to pull the right levers to have your video content work for you. The truth is, the legal consumer would rather watch a video on a topic than read words on a page. Although text is powerful and vitally important, creating video content to capture their attention is a must for any law firm.

Attorney profile photos & team photography

Whether it's refreshing your personal headshots or capturing your dazzling staff, we are able to do it all. Research shows that law firms with custom photography of the attorneys and support staff tend to see higher conversion rates to that of marketing efforts related to firms with no personalize photography.

Videos for marketing your law firm on social media.

Imaging being able speak a message to 5,000+ people in minutes? What would the impact be if you could identify your perfect client and inform about the law in a matter of minutes? Video content is extremely powerful, and when coupled with the targeting power of social media you now have a way to reach the masses with very little input. 

Social media makes this all possible by placing your firm in front of the right person to build your brand and drive traffic to your website. We often use social media to promote blog posts, but there is another side to this. We can also build and create video content, such as firm interviews, legal discussions or animated videos and distribute that content to further show you prospective clients that you are the expert in your field and are ready to handle their case.

"Custom videos and photos are essential to a complete law firm's image."

Absolutely. Our experienced videographers are also photographers by trade. They are experienced in taking attorney headshots and team group shots for law firms throughout the country. We often utilize our team of photography experts to help us create stunning websites for the law firms we market.

This is a great question. Depending on the complexity of the shoot, the video locations, how extensive the editing is, the process can take all of 3 business days to a few months. The best thing to do is contact us to learn how we can make your brand dream a reality.

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