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Powerful Conversion-Generating Websites Custom Designed For Your Brand.

The foundation of your marketing strategy has to be strong. And at the center of that strategy lies a beautiful, custom website ready to work for your brand. 

Get better leads, convert more referrals and build a brand which makes your proud.

Law Firm Websites

Build An Image That Converts Visitors Into Clients. And Revenue!

You deserve a brand that shows you mean business. And are ready to take care of their challenges.

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

A Great Website Is Complicated. You Need An Agency Dedicated To Lawyer Websites.

Yeah, in the past we used to serve all industries. Over the years we found we were really good at helping lawyers connect with the right cases. So here we are - ready to take your law firm marketing strategy to the next level!

Timeless Design

We know what makes your potential clients take action once seeing your site. Our websites are built for speed and performance as well as are designed with classic styling and a touch of your personality.

Built For Search

Sure, luxurious websites with lots of videos and futuristic design are amazing to look at, but who cares if no-one can find you! That's why all our sites are designed with performance on the top of mind.


Forget just a digital business card. Our websites for lawyers utilize all of the amazing conversion-driving elements such as prominent call-to-actions, form fills and simple click-to-call buttons positioned at the right spot on the page.

We've Designed and Created 100+ Solo Practitioner and Small Law Firm Sites.

And we’ll do it for you too!

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For the most part you can expect to preview your new site in 45 days and receive it’s completed version in around 90 days. Of course, we can see delays when it takes our clients time to get us some of the things we need (ie. user credentials, approvals, etc.).

All of our sites are completely custom products. Each site is built to resemble your personal style and brand. With that said you won’t find any “lawyer websites for $149.00” here. But what you will find is a trusted partner ready to serve you and your firm every year of your professional career.

Absolutely! All of our sites (both websites and digital marketing packages) come with ongoing monthly maintenance and support. This means you never need t worry about site updates, adding pages for new attorneys, deleting pages, etc. 

With that said, there are a few things the site doesn’t include: 

Get Access To Lawyer Web Design Pros Who Know Exactly How To Market Your Firm.

Wondering how this works?

A lot of marketers don’t understand lawyers and don’t ask the right questions to boil down the most important parts of your law firm. If you work with us you’ll enjoy a high energy website product that invariably has these four elements at it’s core:


Positioning Analysis


Ideal Case Workshop


Key Differentiators


Validate. Validate. Validate.

Your clients are the hero of this story – You are their guide.

Who are your ideal clients and why? This will set the stage for everything we do.

Why would your ideal clients choose you? This needs to be obvious and irrefutable.

Trust is key. Reviews, awards & easy call-to-actions on every page.

This is time well spent. We’ll understand your current position in the market, what types of cases you’ve been getting and why.

It’s vitally important to know both the pie-in-the-sky cases and the cases that keep the lights on. We want them all.

It’s time to vocalize why you are special. This will be at the core of your marketing strategy as it’s the real reason clients will call you.

We need to validate with awesome reviews and stupid-simple ways to contact the firm. This needs to be easy and designed to seal the deal.

"I expected these guys to be a regular marketers. What we got was way more."

They listened carefully to our needs, learned about our firm, then implemented that into really sharp marketing strategy. They knew exactly how to position our SEO efforts so we were able to be out the competition within 6 months in New York City. I’d recommend to anyone trying to get new cases on-line.


NYC Personal Injury Law Firm

"We saw a huge Spike In New Cases Starting In The First 14 Days."

They are great! We got started and they took their time to set us up for success the right way. They spent time with us, provided us realtime progress updates, and most importantly, within 14 days of their efforts going live we started signing up clients online. We’ve tried other teams in the past, these guys are the real deal.

Mark L.

Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm

"We've Been Trying To Capture More Catastrophic Injury Cases. This Team Was Able To Deliver."

Catastrophic injury cases we’re always hard to get. We got plenty of car accidents, medical malpractice and trip and falls. We couldn’t find the oil rig accidents. The 18-wheeler crashes. The amputation cases. Somehow they pull it off every time. Starting day 1 they were noticeably different from any of our past providers. Attentive, quick to respond, built a really comprehensive strategy. I’d recommend letting them work their magic for you.

Kim T.

Houston Personal Injury Law Firm

What Is Our Process?

Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the entire process takes around 90 days. In the first 30-45 days we will work to build your unique, customer law firm website. Once at the end of the initial design phase we will set up a preview call to show you exactly what your new image can look like! This is where we want your honest feedback. Tell us everything about the design, because we want to know.

Once approved we move to the content creation phase. This takes around another 45 days. In some cases with very large projects this can drag out a bit further, but most clients can expect 90 days from start to finish.

Right around day 90 we will reach out to show you your brand new image. After the final approval we will work to get the new site up as quickly as possible to start working hard for you.

Amazingly enough, design is only one aspect of successful website development. What you need is both an enticing user experience as well as a strong foundation which your entire law firm marketing strategy is to be built.

A strong site not only helps convert the leads to clients, but it also creates a technical foundation to propel your firm into the future.

With Law Firm Marketing 365 you never need to worry about updates. All of our website packages come with updating and maintenance included. You add an attorney to your firm, just let us know and we’ll set up a new profile page. You decide to add another practice area, send us the content and we’ll get a page created. We work to take the work off of your plate.

Are you a solo practitioner or small law firm struggling to get quality leads?


Custom Web Marketing Packages

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You spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on boring, cookie-cutter marketing strategy. The results were… mediocre at best. And you were FED UP.

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