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Stop wasting money with PPC companies that don’t focus on legal marketing. We focus on keeping your budget tight and pointed, so you get the highest quality leads. Oh… don’t forget, this is all custom work designed specifically for your brand and ideal clients. No cookie cutter approach here.

Law Firm PPC

Get Noticed With PPC For Attorneys And Law Firms

Legal consumers constantly consult search engines to help answer their legal questions and find someone skilled in their need. It’s important your firm gets seen. And we’re here to help.

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Why Add PPC To Your Law Firm's Digital Marketing Strategy? Because Getting Noticed Is Tough.

Search engine marketing for attorneys and law firms helps you pinpoint and target the right clientele, down to search terms, demographics such as income, age, neighborhood and zip code. And… The best part… We can get it up and running quickly with leads in as little as 14 days!

Get Seen.

The single goal of your marketing efforts is to get seen. Focusing your entire marketing campaign around being visible for organic search results is difficult and is ever more competitive, especially in metro New York. PPC strategies help you show up when you want, in front of who you want.

Be Competitive.

Search engine results tend to include at minimum one PPC ad displayed prominently above the organic results. These ads are seen and clicked continuously every month. It’s time you grab this attention.

PPC Done Right

Law firm PPC is both an art and a science. It’s something that few people can do well. It poses immense opportunity for lawyers, and if done incorrectly, can be a tremendous expense. When done right it’s absolutely the quickest way to drive targeted messaging to prime clientele. It’s our job to manage the budget, optimize the keywords and unlike our competitors, treat your budget like it’s our money!

We will be in your campaigns every single day, watching for better 

Why chose Pay-Per-Click for your law firm marketing strategy?

Targeted & Unique

The beauty of search engine marketing is the ability to identify your target legal consumer and completely tailor your campaigns to be as effective as possible.

Flexible & Custom

Your search engine marketing campaign will include hundreds of keywords we want you to be found for. And, just as important, keywords you do not want to be found for. No other marketing tool can be as selective as PPC.

Ongoing Maintenance

Pay-per-click campaigns are dynamic forms of online digital marketing because they require constant attention and modification to coincide with the changing market. Because search engines continually change their algorithms and keyword costs often change. Continual maintenance is key to success.

Strong Landing Pages

A strong landing page is integral to a Pay-Per-Click campaign’s success. Not only will a great landing page help increase PPC performance conversions it will also serve as an intermediary between your campaign and your website, ensuring the message is consistent and meaningful.

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