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Getting the right family law leads at just the right time.

Every day thousands of people look to family law attorneys to help them deal with their most important and stressful legal challenges. Legal consumers are looking for support. Will they find you first?

Family law marketing has never been easier.

Are you tired of not having enough clients to serve or that you always seem to be connecting with the wrong type of client? In this case, what you need is family law marketing experts who can ensure you get the family law cases you desire. You, too, can compete with large firms when you have the right marketing strategy in place. Our team can help your small firm compete within the family law market and stand apart from the rest in the right way.

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“I have much more experience and knowledge than the other family law attorneys who are showing up in the search engine results before me…how can this be?”

“I’ve spent a lot of money on marketing through big box marketing firms and have no additional clients or leads to show for. What’s the deal?”

“My current marketing team seems to only reach out to me when they want to upsell or ask for more money from me. There’s no partnership here. I want a marketing team that will work with me and that I can trust to get real results.”

“While the family law market is very competitive as it stands today, I know I have the skills and expertise to help clients with their case and have more to offer than the other guys. I need a marketing team that will dedicate its full attention to helping me connect with my target market and achieve success.”

Why work with us for your family law marketing efforts?

Now is the time to part ways with big-box marketing and secure a team that’s committed to your success. If you want more qualified leads then you must be proactive in putting a family law marketing plan in place that will deliver results worth talking about. The marketing experts at UpFirm understand the challenges that come with creating a winning marketing strategy. The good news is we know how to best allocate your budget and which tactics will have the greatest impact.

When you fail to have a family law marketing strategy in place then you risk losing business to the competition. Look no further for help because we are happy to step in and step up to create a marketing structure that works and is worth each penny. We can help you improve results in all areas including building an SEO-optimized website and ensuring you have a strong social media and Facebook presence. You should be prepared to experience an influx of the right and quality leads who will be looking to use your family law services.

We have a proven process that works that includes a fast introductory call, full strategy meeting and roadmap, followed by us beginning the work and then meeting monthly to review the progress and results. We’re here to boost the visibility of your firm by helping you capture more and better family law cases.

What are some strategies used in family law marketing?

SEO for family law firms

Many family law legal consumers are experiencing stressful, nerve racking situations or are looking to understand more about their challenges. Organic local SEO (search engine maps) and global SEO (search text results) provide them with answers to their questions. These are highly trusted results and your law firm needs to be present.

Family lawyer search ads

Family law firms can handle many different types of cases: divorce cases, adoption, custody, pre and post nuptial agreements, estate planning, asset division, and much more. Roughly 25% of all search traffic goes to search ads (or PPC). Add this all up, that's a lot of missed cases.

Web design for family lawyers

Web design for a family law firm has a much different tone than that of an injury firm, or criminal defense firm. It's important that your web design team creates the proper messaging convert visitors to clients. The web design experts at upFirm are well versed in designing unique, custom websites for family law firms.

Family law marketing covering SEO and web design.

upFirm specializes in family law marketing and SEO marketing for law firms just like yours. There are some prerequisites to kicking off a robust family law marketing SEO campaign: You must have an attractive and well-designed website if you want to increase your conversion rates. Our law firm website design experts are ready to give you a fresh, new look to match your SEO efforts. Once your site checks out, we’ll use competitive keywords and phrases to make certain you give your competitors a run for their money. Our team can ensure you have a competitive edge because we always stay up to date with the latest search engine updates and algorithms. The goal of the SEO strategy we implement for you is always to get you on the first page of the search results for competitive, case-driving keywords. No fluff here! Now is the perfect time to get started since the competition among law firms only continues to grow.  

Facebook marketing for solo lawyers & small family law firms.

Another area upFirm specializes in, and can help your firm with, is Facebook marketing for family law lawyers. It’s an effective marketing tool and a powerful way to get in front of your target audience and let them know how you can help them. Facebook ads allow you to target potential clients based on a variety of factors including job types, job titles, age, gender, demographics, interests, and behaviors. We know how to spend your budget so that your ads get you the ROI you want. Our team ensures this holds true by running efficient, smart campaigns that won’t disappoint. We know how to drive the right leads and do so quickly. All of our decisions are data-driven so we can guarantee you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

"Family law marketing has never been easier than with dedicated strategies form upFirm."

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