Law Firm Marketing Case Studies

Explore how we grow small law firms.

Firm Size: 2-3 Attorneys

More Backlinks Means More Valuable Keywords

Search engine algorithm changes can leave you scrambling to salvage your hard-earned SEO reputation. We helped a firm recover from a major dip, but also thrive with a 300% increase in traffic.

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Firm Size: Solo Lawyer

Dumping tens-of-thousands into paid search ads with a big-box marketing firm, this lawyer knew he had to do something quick.

Firm Size: 7-10 Attorneys

Amazingly enough, at the time when they started working with our team they were seeing around 500 visits. That’s a 14x increase!

Firm Size: 4-6 Attorneys

An Injury Firm Goes From 300 to 5,200 Visitors Monthly

This is a story of backlinks, and why quantity AND quality is important. Remember, it’s not just what’s written on your pages that matters.