Benefits of Reputation Management for Law Firms

Your reputation means everything as a law firm, so it's important to protect it. Learn about the benefits of reputation management for law firms.
Benefits of reputation management for law firms

What are your clients really saying about your law firm?

Companies’ reputations rely on multiple factors, including philanthropy, ethics, service, innovation, and offerings. And unfortunately, even a single bad move in the public eye can tarnish a business’s reputation.

Your reputation means everything as a law firm, so it’s important to protect it. Your firm’s reputation could mean the difference between signing that one big referral that changes the trajectory of your firm, or perhaps helping the next big client know that your firm is the right team to handle their case. Here’s a rundown on the many benefits of reputation management for law firms and where you can get help with law firm marketing.

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Building Trust, Leads, and Signing Retainers

One of the top benefits of reputation management for law firms is that it can help you to get more prospective clients to trust you.

The law is complex. So, it’s important to make your potential clients believe that you can represent them well and deliver their desired outcome. When you have good online reviews, your potential clients can see you as an expert and a professional worth investing in for their legal case.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you call attention to your positive reviews and get rid of negative ones. After all, 95% of people will read companies’ reviews before getting in touch with them about their services.

Role of Reputation Management in Building Trust

A dependable reputation management company can help to ensure that only content that empowers your brand enters search engines and social sites. With the company’s help, you can decide what information you want audience members to see. You no longer have to leave any web content about your law firm unattended.

The law firm can also help to make sure that your positive content is uniform across web platforms. This is important because inconsistent content can impact credibility as well.

The more positive and consistent your online content is, the more likely you are to draw potential clients and turn them into paying clients. This means you can expect more profit long term.

Boosting Online Rankings

Another benefit of law firm reputation management is that it can help you to achieve higher local search result rankings.

How many online reviews have you received? What do these reviews say? And are you responding to these reviews?

All of these factors will impact your online ranking.

Fortunately, a reputation management company can increase your search engine optimization success. They can do this by helping you to generate more positive reviews and respond to them appropriately.

Crisis Management

Yet another benefit of reputation management for law firms is that it can assist you in avoiding or mitigating crises.

When your law firm’s reputation is good, people who need law services might be willing to give your firm a chance even if it falls victim to a crisis. This crisis may be an allegation of sexual misconduct. It might also involve alleged racial discrimination or even a lawsuit filed against the firm, for example.

Let’s say you are falsely accused of gender discrimination by a client. Individuals will be more apt to trust your information and take your side during such a crisis if your reputation has been managed well. However, if you haven’t protected your reputation, members of the public may believe negative complaints about your firm instead.

Attracting Attorneys and Employees

High-level reputation management for law firms can also help you to retain and attract great attorneys and employees.

Just like clients, employees are attracted to law firms with excellent reputations in search engines and on social media. That’s because this will reflect well on these workers professionally as well.

When both your image and your employee’s image are positive, you can expect your employee to stay with your firm longer. This will save you money on training and recruiting costs long term.

An important part of keeping your brand image healthy is regularly monitoring responses from clients on your communication channels. The sooner you can spot a negative review, the sooner you can address it with your reputation management company’s help.

Boosting Your Visibility

Law firm reputation management can also increase your law firm’s visibility — another major benefit for your business.

The stronger your firm’s reputation the more likely it will be that the firm can appear for competitive, revenue generating keywords. It’s important to remember that working with a marketing agency that specializes in law firm marketing will help create the right online profile for your firm to attract the right types of clients. This is done thought local search optimization, paid ads, etc., and law firm reputation plays a direct role in the success of these strategies.

This is why we encourage our clients to work as hard as they can at obtaining reviews.

Generating Business Insights

Finally, a stellar online reputation management firm strategy can provide you with smart business insights. Through them, you can learn how your law firm can increase its brand image.

All reviews of your firm online can serve as helpful feedback for you. You can use this information to improve your service and support future planning.

Perhaps some reviews are not encouraging. You can use them to identify your law firm’s weaknesses and make the necessary changes to turn them into strengths.

For instance, if a previous client complains about your lack of responsiveness, you may want to ramp up your communication by contacting clients via live chat or text versus only phone and email.

How We Can Help With Reputation Management

The top benefits of reputation management for law firms are that it can help you to boost prospective clients’ trust in you and help you to generate more leads. Quality reputation management can also help you to generate valuable insights about your firm.

At upFirm, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line law firm reputation services. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can take your law firm’s image to the next level, and schedule an introductory call today!

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