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Most small law firms struggle to get a steady stream of high quality leads. We're here to change that.

Struggle Marketing

[ StruhgUhl Mahr-Ki-Ting ]

Synonyms: Money Pit Marketing, Strategy to go nowhere, lip service marketing


  1. The act of getting just enough leads to keep you as a client.
  2. The act of getting not enough leads to make your dreams a reality.
  3. The total number of wasted years plus lost revenue due to your marketing firms lazy outlook.

(P.S. We completely agree with you… This is a TERRIBLE plan that NO LAW FIRM should be subjected to!)

(P.S. We completely agree with you… This is a TERRIBLE plan that NO LAW FIRM should be subjected to!)

Let's put some real world context to this.

There is an all-to-common theory in marketing. Give businesses just enough leads to keep them fed but not enough for them to achieve their dreams. Oh.. Unless they come back and buy more. And even then, it’s just another level of “if we had just a few more good clients we could {insert completely obtainable growth goal here}.” The fact is many small law firms are looking for a true marketing partner. A marketing agency that is as invested in their growth as they are. Then look no further.

At upFirm lawyer marketing, we help solo lawyers an small law firms focus their marketing on their best customers and take action on their behalf to help them rank higher on Google, compete in local search and crush paid ads so when their best clients are actually looking for them, they show up above the pack.

Guided by a team of specialized digital marketing professionals taking vigorous monthly action on your behalf, so you can save time, money and can feel confident like the smart legal leader you are.

Over time, we’ve compiled a marketing team that focuses solely on law firms. And not just law firms – solo lawyers and small law firms. Think of us as your outsourced, in-house marketing team. Yes, you read that right. The reality is, we sit somewhere between the big-box marketing firms and hiring professionals full time to work for your firm. 

With that said, what makes us unique – Everything we do is custom. We say this because every paid ad campaign is built custom. Every website is custom. Content is custom. Our team members come from the industry, some are even attorneys turned marketers. 

We know you’ll be happy with the work we do for your firm and we understand the importance of quality work.

In a nutshell.

The closest thing to an in house team.

On any given day you’re looking at an average of 3 dedicated team members touching your marketing accounts. And your main points of contact are stakeholders in our agency. You will never experience the “revolving door” feeling when it comes to support.

You’d have to hire a number of people on staff to get that kind of treatment!

You’ll always have access to a dedicated team.

We only support law firms.

Law firm marketing poses it’s own challenges. Often the legal consumer may be facing emotionally or personally challenging situations and advertising must be sensitive to this. Content generated on the firm’s behalf must be accurate, from a legal standpoint. Attorney advertising can vary based on different state jurisdictions. and the list goes on, and on. 

Being we only serve small law firms, we work to check all the right boxes and represent your firm in the right light.

Your success is our success.

Being a small agency, we want every single one of our clients to be successful. We strive to leave every client going to sleep at night feeling excited about the future of their firm and feeling confident in their marketing partner to help them get there.

We take great pride in building long standing relationships with our clients. Relationships built on success.

Your success is our success.

"An agency wholly dedicated to small law firm marketing success."

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