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“… Right after kicking off our strategy our first client found us through their magic, called us and 2 hours later was officially a client of the firm.  I knew this would work but didn’t expect it to work that quickly!”

Erik G.

Houston Small Law Firm

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You have an important job. You help people navigate their lives. You help them in moments of great success, and in times of immense challenge. You deserve everything you’ve worked so hard for. Let’s go get it.

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Who we work for.

Here at upFirm, our legal marketing skills, knowledge and experience lend us to be the perfect partner for solo lawyers and small law firms. We gear our conversations, strategies and investment structure to small law firms and are prepared to bring maximum return on investment. 

Law firm marketing has never made more sense.


small law

Never compete with our other clients.

That’s right. We limit the number of firms we represent per practice area in each marketing zone. And we never represent firms for the same keywords.

We work hard for you

What exactly is a law firm digital marketing agency?

Law firm digital marketing is a law firm advertising service that leverages online advertising platforms to help you attract new clients for your firm. It may include a combination of SEO, paid search ads (PPC), blogging, social media, a strong website and other tactics. In a time where people have shifted to search engines to find legal solutions, it is important to show up in the search results. The only way to do that is through effective marketing solutions. Technology has made it easier to research attorneys and law firms online. However, if you don’t follow some critical principles, your law firm may go unnoticed.

Strategies work best when
they work together.

Did you know that roughly 35% of all legal consumers click on search ads? Did you know that the remaining 65% gravitate towards organic search results? Amazingly enough, the ads folks will never look at organic, and organic folks will never look at ads. What’s our point?

Get the results you want with law firm marketing strategies designed for solo practitioners and small law firms.

Here at upFirm we are data-driven law firm marketers working for the success of our clients. We live at the intersection of data proven strategy and client results. It’s in this intersection that we find the best work is done. You tell us who you want in your office and we go out and find them.

It’s that simple.

Law Firm Marketing Packages

Your Firm Needs To Be Everywhere Your Clients Exist.

We find the best results come from a strategic, multi-channel marketing approach. A beautiful website is great if people know how to find it. Our custom law firm marketing packages arm your firm with the tools necessary to compete for the cases you want.

Law Firm Websites

Your Website Is The Face Of Your Firm – It Needs To Blow The Doors Off Em’.

Around 40% of small law firms don’t have a website and over 74% of legal consumers look at a law firms website prior to contacting the firm. Law firm websites are important, no matter what type of the device your target legal consumer is using, you will always have a clean look and strong presence.

SEO For Lawyers

Let’s Face It. There Is A Lot Of Competition. It Takes More Than A Good Website.

When people search for your practice area, are they finding your firm on the first page of Google? The legal marketing area is too competitive these days to make the mistake of NOT including SEO in your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. upFirm will implement an aggressive law firm search engine optimization campaign to get your firm to rank higher organically.

Law Firm PPC (Search Ads)

Jump The Line! That’s Right. Make It To The Top Of Search Results In No Time.

30% of all legal consumers using search engines us search ads to connect with an attorney. Drive new clients to your practice and put your law firm at the top of Google with pay-per-click (PPC) for law firms. With PPC online advertising, you can filter your targeting with purpose in ways traditional marketing can’t.

Social Media for Lawyers

Don’t Let Your Lack Of Social Presence Stand In Between You And Great Cases

You can count on Facebook lead generation and social media marketing to connect with more of your ideal potential clients online. Popping up on your ideal audience’s timelines is what creates leads. Our strategic social media postings can help get your phone ringing. From hashtags to professional, eye-catching posts, we work to enhance engagement.

Video Production & Promotion

Create A Brand That Showcases Your Quality & Expertise.

Did you know that video content has an information retention rate of nearly 95%, compared to text which sees around 10%. If your firm is not creating meaningful, marketing related videos then your firm is missing out on making a big impact to your potential clients. We don’t do the old fashioned “board room videos.” We build dynamic, conversion-driven content unique to your firm. 

Content Marketing For Law Firms

Content Is King. The Better The Content The Likelier It Is For Search Engines To Show Your Firm.

We provide unique law firm content that gets you noticed. High-quality content performs well on search engines. It will also bring visitors to your website to convert them into new business for your law firm. Any successful law firm marketing strategy includes premium content marketing, and yours should, too.

Law Firm Marketing Consulting

Sometimes, we just needs a little guidance.

We are often approached by small law firms who have build a brilliant portfolio of marketing tools that are working for them. Often they simply don’t know what’s working for them, and what isn’t. We can work with you to evaluate your digital marketing tools your currently utilizing, identify how they can be used better and advise what other tools may do the job in a more effective way. 

Why upFirm for
SEO for lawyers?

If you haven’t asked yourself this question, you should. Many law firm marketing companies will offer this is a prime service, but the real challenge here is understanding what exactly they are optimizing. We see time and time again in our new client analysis showing they’ve been highly optimized for terms like their firm’s name, or perhaps your managing partners name, even their top legal assistants name (Yes, we’ve seen it happen). Proper SEO should be done to ensure With no Money Keywords anywhere to be found.

Don’t get us wrong, its important you are the first on the list for your firm’s information. That’s a given. What many firms are missing are the keywords that are going to bring in the new cases. The people who have never met you, don’t know you, and have a legal need. That’s why our focus will always be keywords that drive new clients


A lawyer marketing company dedicated to the professional growth of solo practitioners and small law firms

Meet our dedicated team.

deserve a
great team.

Do you want to spend more time with your family? Want to turn your law firm into a case-converting powerhouse, and have complete transparency around your digital marketing strategy? Now you’re speaking our language. Contact upFirm today to get started.

Great lawyers
deserve a great team.

Do you want to spend more time with your family? Want to turn your law firm into a case-converting powerhouse, and have complete transparency around your digital marketing strategy? Now you’re speaking our language. Contact upFirm today to get started.

Are you a solo lawyer or small law firm struggling to find quality leads?

5-star rated law firm marketing agency


that check
all the boxes.

A brand that'll make you proud.

Our focus is developing a website for you that both speaks to your brand and drives legal client conversions all day long - Gone are the days when you once invested in "struggle marketing".

Compete with the best of them.

Yes, you can compete for legal clients online! We build the juice behind your website to help you win both local to your office and throughout the country - You'll hear us talk about this strategy often, known as local SEO and global SEO.

Compelling content.

We create custom competitive keyword-rich articles on your site to show your clients you are the expert - And that you are the clear choice for their legal challenge.

Backed by data every step of the way.

Oh, let's not forget - Everything we do is data driven and conversion driven. Every keyword, every article, every social post will be geared toward getting you the types of clients you want.

About 90 days. We say it’s around 30 days to first look and another 60 to completion (barring minimal changes required of course).

Remember, there are a number of moving parts. We have web design, content strategy and content development. Each piece of the pie must work hand in hand with the others. 

Once the new site goes live you will have a fresh, renewed faith in your brand. You deserve a great brand!

Typically local law firm SEO kicks in at around month 4-6. Global SEO can take a bit longer, usually in the 8-10 month timeframe. 

Like we always say, PPC wins games & SEO wins championships. SEO will always be your lowest cost/case acquisition and years 2, 3 & 4 you’ll never look back.

Your initial year of law firm SEO can be slow at best, but the results grow exponentially over time. Giving you the ability to cherry-pick your dream clients.

Our dream and vision is to be the best SEO company in the United States dedicated only to small law firms & solo practitioners.

Our content team only writes for law firms, our strategies only work for law firms and our web development only creates for law firms.

If we can say so ourselves – We are really good at taking the guess work out of law firm marketing, and we’re happy to do it for you.

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Say goodbye to hope and prayer marketing. Let's do it right.

5-star rated law firm marketing agency


Benefits of bringing on upFirm as your strategic marketing partner.

No matter what package or service you choose your strategy will always include the top marketing essentials and best practices. Our job is to help bring your law firm to the forefront, making you the best option for legal services. Here are just some of the things our law firm marketing agency team will do for you, whether your just starting out on your marketing journey or are a seasoned veteran with a big investment.

Law Firm Copywriting

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Content is king. Every strategy receives custom, unique content to drive conversions. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every bit of content will be optimized, meaning well researched for optimal traffic. Because even the smallest content item can be powerful in search results. 

Mobile Friendly Design

Whether it’s a website, or landing page, or Facebook ad, every strategy is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing.

Conversion Forms & CTA's

Everything we put in front of your client or prospect comes with high-converting forms and call-to-actions (CTA’s).

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